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my name is JESSICA katherine castro kings was born on

June 23, 1997 Tolima - Espinal I have photo this

because I like to travel to other places

My Family

Pulsa para ver mi cara Pulsa para ver mi mamá Pulsa para ver mi papá Pulsa para ver mi hermana Pulsa para ver mi perro Mapa

my FAMILY is very special to me because they

give me the support I need I trust I have my mother

and my parents and my sister that I love.

My pet

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my PET is called a bitch susi is very

cute and very loving, and a temper but

also because I love her and is very playful.

Me and my pet

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my pet is like a great FRIEND to me she

defends me cares she is a staunch friend

to her care I protect it that nothing happens.

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My friends

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they are the little people that I can

trust you are there when I need them are LIKE my

confidants are like a sister to me and the

support that we nee.

What I like to do

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In my spare time I like being on my COMPUTER networks.

listening to music, reading information that

I may have for me, I like talking to my friend

in soiales networks.

In future

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for the FUTURE I would like to go

further on to study engineering as an ongoing

system to dentrar INPEC amis parents and be able to help.

Where I want to study

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I chose this UNIVERSITY because I've

been aya and that is a very good university,

I like and what I want to study there which is

a system engineering.

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